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We Are A Drilling Tools
Manufacturer & Supplier In China

Maxdrill Rock Tools Co.,Ltd is an international market-oriented company specialized in manufacturing, supplying and services of rock drilling tools for mining, tunneling, quarry and also construction application areas, focus on drilling solution of softest to the hardest rock geological conditions. The high-performance products include top hammer drilling tools, down the hole drilling tools, rock anchors, taphole and quarry drilling tools, and more.

Owing to supply “Energy-saving, Economical, efficient” products all along, we gradually become one of the most credible Chinese manufacturer in drilling industry.
Maxdrill adopted the advanced manufacturing process and procedures in production, ensuring high quality steels and tungsten carbides to guarantee the consistent high quality of the products.

Maxdrill rock tools always committed to supply low cost, high efficiency, energy saving and environment-friendly products for global customers. No matter what kinds of rock—Soft rock, loose-medium rock, hard rock and any other special formations, just tell us what you need and leave others at our disposal, we will handle the following, our special Tailored service is waiting for you upon your demand.

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High quality raw materials from around the World.

Production Process

According to international leading production processes.

Full Carburizing Process

Enhance the surface hardness and wear resistance of steel.

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